Date: 13 August 2016 (Saturday) 6-8 p.m.

Venue: Savannah Music Club & Restaurant (40. Dohány street H-1074 Budapest)


Sahara Dance Studio
Hajnal Bényi
Sára Horváth
Yolande Moise Hegedűs
Alexandra Deli
Edit Kiss
Ádám Gréta
Barbara Gaburi - Folklore Singer & Dancer
Zoltán Proksa – Tenor, Musical Singer
Gréta Anna – Singer

Foundation for the Injured Children of Bamako (AEDMP) 
/ "Children first"

The Savannah Bellydance Night is a monthly bellydance night with a familiar atmosphere, which takes place in the Savannah Music Club & Restaurant.
The total income is donated to the African-Hungarian Union (AHU) grant programs for children (to help injured children of Bamako).
The main objectives of the association are: to participate in the injured children's education and to provide them with school supplies, to advise parents on dealing with injured children, enlightening lectures on AIDS / HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and contraception.

Ticket: 500 HUF

Cecilia Balogh
+36 20 369 4080

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